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So, you've already had your first visit and initial consultation with a chiropractor. What can you expect from your ongoing chiropractic treatment sessions?​

Your regular sessions at Rin Spine Center generally follow these steps:

1. Check on your progress​​​​


Our approach at Rin Spine Center involves you and your doctor sharing an ongoing conversation about your short-term and longer-term health.

This conversation includes condition-specific topics (such as the results of your imaging tests, your progress with pain reduction and shaping of the spine), as well as elements related to your overall health (such as exercise and diet).

2. Receive chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment is aided by the patient being in a relaxed state, both physically and mentally.

As such, one of the initial stages of treatment involves your chiropractor helping you stretch and relax the muscles and joints related to your condition. During this period, it can help if the patient tries to relax by concentrating on breathing deeply.

Next, the doctor performs a series of chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic adjustments involve the chiropractor applying force to a specific spinal joint, which helps restore the structural integrity of the spine and provide relief from pain.

3. Receive physiotherapy treatment

We supplement chiropractic treatment with techniques from physiotherapy.


This includes procedures such as:

  • trigger point therapy

  • use of a relaxant device

  • dry needling

  • electrotherapy

  • ice pack therapy

4. Receive specific physical exercises to do at home

Improving your long-term structural condition requires commitment from a patient to correct posture and build muscle strength in specific areas. Your chiropractor can offer advice on how to do this and often 'prescribes' specific exercises for you to do at home. These exercises can help loosen your joints and strengthen your body in key areas.