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Pain management without surgery or drugs

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Pain Relief Program

Alleviate pain, restore joint function and encourage physical health in the hands of our experienced practitioners.

Rin Spine Center's Pain Relief Program helps address conditions related to spine, muscles, tissue and nerves. It's the most popular of our pain management programs for patients arriving with pain or injury.

The Pain Relief Program includes either individual or integrated forms of treatment, including: 

Length of treatment varies depending on the type of pain or injury, alongside a patient's underlying spinal condition, lifestyle and ability to influence environmental factors that may be causing or aggravating their condition.

Typically, patients require a minimum of 5-10 visits in order to experience significant reduction in pain levels and a full restoration of joint motion. Patients may require longer or alternative treatment programs based on the nature and severity of injury, along with their ability to shift lifestyle.

Suitable for:


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Spinal pain or injury

Restricted range of motion

Nerve pain (inc. headaches)

Alleviates pain

Restores joint function

Relaxes tense muscles

Diamagnetic Pain Relief Therapy

Intensive Pain Relief Program

Experience relief of the most severe of pain at accelerated speeds with Hong Kong's only pain management option blending chiropractic adjustment with the power of diamagnetic technology.

Rin Spine Center's Intensive Pain Relief Program harnesses the unique rehabilitative effects of diamagnetic therapy to offer non-invasive pain management for a whole host of musculo-skeletal injuries and conditions.


It's a popular option for patients suffering from more extreme forms of spinal pain (e.g. back, elbow, shoulder), joint conditions (e.g. osteoarthritis, rheumatic diseases) or inflammatory conditions. Being painless in nature, diamagnetic therapy is especially valuable in treating conditions where the skin is painful to the touch.

Rin Spine Center offers diamagnetic therapy either on its own or as part of a blended treatment that includes chiropractic adjustment.

Length of treatment is typically faster than chiropractic adjustment alone, usually requiring a maximum of 5-10 visits in order to experience significant reduction in pain levels and a full restoration of joint motion - particularly when combined with chiropractic adjustment.

Longer treatment plans may be required based on the nature and severity of injury, along with their ability to shift lifestyle.

Discover more about diamagnetic therapy.

Suitable for:

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Spinal pain or injury

Joint pain (inc. osteoarthritis)



Accelerated recovery from pain

Restored joint function

Accelerated tissue repair

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Spinal Realignment Program

Reshape your spine to remedy or halt the progression of spinal misalignment.

Spinal conditions vary greatly in nature and severity, and are heavily influenced by many factors such as the patient's age, sex, occupation, health and lifestyle.

Rin Spine Center treats spinal conditions on a case-by-case basis.


In some cases, particularly with teenage patients suffering from spinal misalignment, the chiropractor may prescribe a spinal brace and help ensure a good fit. Wearing of the brace may be combined with either the Pain Relief Program, Intensive Pain Relief Program or Wellness Program depending on the nature and severity of the patient's condition.

In some cases, particularly with elderly patients and those with extreme spinal misalignment, realignment may not be possible through this course of treatment. The chiropractor is able to highlight any other available options. 

Patients suffering from spinal misalignments such as cervical hypolordosis ('straight neck'), pelvic distortion, shoulder asymmetry and scoliosis (see Spine Center for more conditions) may sometimes be recommended onto the Spinal Realignment Program. The Spinal Realignment Program is a longer-term blended treatment program that includes targeted chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, a range of corrective devices to aid spinal form, and prescribed physical exercises.

The treatment plan requires at least 6 months to see significant results, which are confirmed through analysis of x-rays taken before and after treatment.

However, it should be stressed that ​the program's requires considerable effort on the patient's part to follow the recommendations consistently throughout the entire course of treatment including complying with the program's significant physical exercise component alongside other recommendations.

The program will require a sizeable shift in lifestyle to bring about noticeable results and as such, is not recommended for everyone.

Suitable for:

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Spinal alignment conditions


Slows or reverses spinal degradation

Strengthens related muscles

Ongoing pain relief

Family enjoying life

Wellness Program

Keep your body free from injury and promote ongoing internal well-being with preventative care.

Rin Spine Center's Wellness Program is a form of ongoing preventative care that is suitable for everyone - not those suffering from pain or injury.

The Wellness Program includes either individual or integrated forms of treatment, including: 

Going to occasional chiropractic checkups is an excellent way to reset the body and ensure the body remains free from pain and mobility restrictions. In doing so, you're able to keep your body in perfect shape - reducing the likelihood of injury further down the line. In addition, receiving a regular checkup from a qualified health practitioner gives you the benefit of catching conditions you may be unaware of before they progress further.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, in its many forms, is highly rooted in preventative care - aiming to correct imbalances and restore harmony before these imbalances lead to more serious complications and injury. As such, acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese herbal medicine are highly suitable for promote ongoing health within a wellness program.

This program is popular with patients who have come through our Pain Relief Program or Intensive Pain Relief Program. Once pain is reduced to low or negligible levels, we progressively lower the recommended frequency based on the patient's ability to remain pain-free and without tightness.

For ongoing wellness and preventative care, we typically recommend patients attend monthly treatment checkups - however, this can vary from patient to patient.

Suitable for:

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Post-pain relief program

Adults and children


Reduces likelihood of injury

Catches problems early

Provides ongoing pain relief

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Dr. Rin J. Park

Dr Park received his training at Palmer University in the US - the world's first school of chiropractic - and is a registered chiropractor in Hong Kong.


In his 20 years' experience practising chiropractic across the US, South Korea and Hong Kong, he has treated thousands of patients with musculo-skeletal and neurological conditions - helping to improve lifestyles and spinal health.