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Diamagnetic Therapy

Non-invasive, painless management of pain through the innovative use of repulsive forces generated with high-intensity magnetic fields.

Pain-Management-CTU-Mega 18.jpg

Effective therapy for musculo-skeletal conditions

Accelerated recovery from chronic pain

Accelerated tissue repair and recovery


What is Diamagnetic Therapy?

Diamagnetic Therapy (or Diamagnetic Molecular Acceleration) is a therapeutic method that uses a system of magnetic repulsion to stimulate molecules within the body in order to accelerate tissue repair and manage pain.

It can be effective in the treatment of a range of musculo-skeletal conditions, including:

  • Elbow injuries

  • Joint pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Rheumatic & inflammatory diseases

  • Shoulder pain

Diamagnetic Therapy
How it works

How Diamagnetic Therapy Works

Video courtesy of Fisio Emax Salud Integral, S. L.

Liquid movement

Bodily substances such as water, lipids and most plasma proteins are diamagnetic - they accelerate in the opposite direction when in the presence of a magnetic field.

Magnetic field lines

Magnetic stimulation

Stimulation of these substances via magnetic repulsion can encourage cellular drainage, removal of toxins and the transport of nutrients and metabolites.

Cellular healing

Cellular stimulation helps to ease inflammation and promote tissue healing processes at a deeper level of penetration than traditional electrical therapy.

Diamagnetic Therapy in Action

In this video, orthopaedic specialist Dr. Pietro Romeo of Periso Medical Division demonstrates the uses of diamagnetic devices.

Treatment in action

CTU-Mega 18 Diamagnetic Device

A high-intensity magnetic field device that delivers non-invasive, painless treatment without the use of electrical current.

Pain-Management-CTU-Mega 18.jpg

Device Application

Key Benefits

The CTU-Mega 18 diamagnetic device, imported from Switzerland, utilises a system of magnetic repulsion as part of an effective pain management therapy.

The device's blend of ultra-fast microsecond magnetic field variations and super-short millisecond pulses combine to offer efficient energy transfer into the deep tissue region.

The technology enables stimulation at a cellular level, which allows for deeper penetration than traditional electrotherapy. It does so without the use of electrical current, thus avoiding the potential side-effects associated with electrotherapy - such as skin irritation or rash.

Deep tissue penetration

​Painless therapy

Avoids risks or side effects of treatments such as electrotherapy, drugs and surgery.

The device
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