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Aspiring doctor shadows Dr Park at Rin Spine Center

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My name is Aaron Nam from YCIS Hong Kong, and I am preparing to enter a medical school.

In general, shadowing experience in a hospital is a mandatory requirement to enter a medical school.  While I was searching for an experience, I was lucky enough to obtain shadowing opportunities at a Spine and Neurology clinic in Hong Kong this summer.  I would like to share my experiences with Dr Park who led me to understand effectiveness of chiropractic and other treatments.

When observing doctor Park in this clinic, I learnt the importance of close communication with patients to deeply analyse the patients’ symptoms. Such interaction with patients would maximise the opportunities for non-invasive treatments, rather than hastily deciding a surgical treatment. The doctor’s philosophy inspired me to research more on innovative non-invasive treatments. Through shadowing, I learned the way to comfort the patient and methods to reduce pain. I also learnt that utilising stem cells can rectify the malfunctioning nervous system. Additionally, stem cells can be a potential cure for autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. This is an area where I look forward to expanding my knowledge.

Dr Park has been providing free medical services for years, and currently continuing his stem cell research to minimise the accumulation of toxicity in our body. I admire his contributions and was inspired by introducing free treatments as a community contribution.

At a young age, I encountered patients who had rheumatoid arthritis when visiting hospitals with my grandparents. Some patients missed the golden time for treatment resulting in worse symptoms, provoking my sympathy. I felt that if I had the skills, knowledge, and the determination to study medicine then I can cure more people in person. I learnt from my experiences that sincere spiritual support is crucial to reassure patients.

I sincerely appreciate Dr Park’s guidance and sharing during that period, I desire to contribute improving quality of human life in the near future.

Thanks a lot!

Aaron Nam

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