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While in a chiropractor's care, a patient typically undergoes three stages of treatment, each with different goals and treatment periods.

STAGE 1 (Intensive) - Pain Management

Our first objective is to relieve pain quickly and effectively during a stage of intensive treatment.

Treatment consists of regular chiropractic adjustment to the spine, along with various forms of physical therapy. The doctor also 'prescribes' physical exercises that you can perform at home to aid your recovery.

While the length and frequency of treatment depends on your specific condition, optimal frequency is usually around two visits per weeks. Patients typically report significant pain reduction after ten sessions.

Stage 2 (Rehabilitative) - Restoring Structure

Our second objective is to work with the soft tissues to improve posture, spinal function and to promote healing.


The length of this stage of treatment and the frequency of visits depends on how consistently the patient manages self-directed therapies and physical exercises between visits. Patients typically visit a little less often as their condition improves, while the frequency and range of physical exercises increases. Significant improvements to spinal structure can often be seen after six months from the start of treatment.

Stage 3 (Wellness) - Maintenance

Our third objective involves sustaining your improved health and promoting continued wellness into the future.

Even after significant pain reduction and restoration of spinal structure and function, many patients continue to visit for recommended check-ups to help keep their bodies in good shape and to ensure new problems are detected early before they become more serious.

Depending on a patient's age, general health and long-term goals, visit frequency can range anywhere from once a week to once every few months.