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Advanced Skincare


Collagen Stimulation

Collagen is a fibrous protein that cross-links beneath the skin's surface to provide structural support and elasticity. Gradual loss of collagen as we get older leads to sagging wrinkles, sunken eyes and thin-looking skin. Thankfully, there are several treatments that can boost the skin's production of collagen naturally for firmer, smoother skin.


Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation is the development of dark spots or patches on the skin's surface. At the cellular level, this occurs as a result of an excessive production of melanin by our melanocyte cells. Our powerful technologies zero in on the pigmented areas to break down the melanin and reveal a brighter, more even skin tone.


Pore Reduction

Healthy, youthful skin is typically described to be smooth, glowing and flawless. Due to sun exposure, the force of gravity or skin conditions, our skin surface becomes stretched and our pores become visible. Our services smooth out skin and reduce the appearance of large pores and other blemishes, including acne scars.


Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkles are the top skin complaint associated with aging. They range from lines that may only be noticeable sometimes, to deep creases or folds that are permanently present. Whether you have fine lines, deep wrinkles, creases or sagging, our range of services address all skin types and can be applied to the face or the body.


Dr. Rin J. Park

Dr. Park is the Director of Rin Aesthetics Center and has been practising aesthetics since 2013. He received training at one of Seoul's most established dermatological clinics in Gangnam. With over twenty years' experience in healthcare, Dr. Park is well equipped to guide you through your treatment with dedication, professionalism and care.