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The global magnitude of scoliosis 2017

Statistics and Moral duty

: Why can it be better?


  Over the centuries, many books have been written about the mystery of idiopathic scoliosis. Thousands of research projects and websites share information about scientific research, conservative treatments, surgeries, bracing, chronicle- and non-communicable diseases etc. and one finds also stories of patients, parents and peers.

  Prominently absent in these are the statistics on scoliosis, for example on:

1) The number of patients worldwide,

2) The number of operations per year etc.

3) The number of bracing.


  In order to provide a complete picture about the greatness of the global magnitude of scoliosis statistics will be needed, that is why we have made a realistic estimation based upon various data sources. We expect that the actual figures to be higher.


  The results show that scoliosis is a major global problem. Directly involved are the 28 million patients, mostly children in the age of 10-16 years, suffering from scoliosis. Therefore indirectly involved are the parents, siblings, partners, careers, etc. whom are also dealing with the daily discomforts of scoliosis (In total, over 100 million people). Shortly, a serious number of people which lives daily are exposed inadvertently to the discomforts of this disorder, which is overshadowing their daily living.

  It is expected that in the upcoming years the number of patients will increase dramatically. We therefore are convinced that the current local and national policy to reduce the problems associated with scoliosis, doesn’t have the correct efficacy and will lead on the long term to further growth of the number of scoliosis patients and an increasing amount of operations.

  It is estimated that there are over 36 million scoliosis patients in 2050, which is an increase of 8 million patients in 35 years. (Due to natural growth of population)

  To turn the tide, it is sensible and advisable to approach the problem from a different perspective.

  It is generally assumed that the methods which currently are being used in the ‘scoliosis’ treatment are the right ones and work sufficiently and effective for the treatment of scoliosis. But, is this assumption realistic?

  The statistics show, that despite the lack of absence of a more efficient and prophylactic approach, the number of scoliosis patients will continue to increase, (as a natural result of the world population growth) with 250,000 patients every year. All treatments, as well as conservative and operatively, are aimed at controlling the symptoms of scoliosis and don’t provide the desired results. The efforts required of the patient are not disproportionate by the results to be achieved.

Rehabilitative Stage

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