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Treatment Price

Chiropractic Treatment

Initial Consultation
Examination & Treatment (20-30 min)
950 HKD

Individual Chiropractic session (15 min)
850 HKD

10X PACK Chiropractic sessions (15 min)
7,500 HKD

Scoliosis Treatment

Initial Consultation
Examination & Treatment (20-30 min)
950 HKD

Chiro-Physio (Modalities) (30min)
1,300 HKD

10X PACK Chiro-Physio (Modalities) (30 min)
12,000 HKD


Individual TCM session (30-45 min)
800 HKD

10X PACK TCM sessions (30-45 min)
7,500 HKD

Terms & Conditions​​

  • The expense of chiropractic and traditional Chinese medicine (including acupuncture and herbal remedies) varies based on the type and duration of the required treatment. Treatment frequency can range from multiple sessions per week to just once a month. Consultation and treatment lengths may vary but typically last between 15 and 30 minutes.

  • The 10X Pack of Chiropractic and TCM Sessions is not redeemable for cash and cannot be refunded, transferred, exchanged, or returned.

  • In case of any disputes, Rin Sine Clinic  reserves the right of final decision.

Insurance Coverage Requirements

We are accepting most of all private health insurances.  However, every policy’s claim coverage is different, even among the same insurance provider.  Please consult your insurance company for coverage details.  We have now way of knowing your policy requirement. 


If the requirement information is not submitted correctly or on time, it is possible that your insurance WILL NOT cover your treatment cost. 


  1. Medical doctor’s referral may be required for claim. Some company’s policies may require a written referral from a medical doctor (GP), if that is the case for your insurance coverage.  It is best require with YOUR personal GP.               

  2. General Document Submission Requirements. Most insurance policies require the referral visit and letter form the general practitioner to be dated BEFORE, the Chiropractic/Physiotherapy treatments commence in order for the treatments to be claimed.  Please note that neither the Chiropractor, Physiotherapist nor General Practitioner can change the date of the referral letter or receipts of the treatments. 


Most insurance policies required a DIAGNOSIS to be included in the receipt.  If a general practitioner is required in your case, the diagnosis from the Chiropractor/Physiotherapist must follow the diagnosis of the referring general practitioner, not the other way around.  


Once the documents such as receipts have been submitted, clinical information such as diagnosis and dates cannot be changed.  It is serious that the doctor’s licence can be suspended. 


When you need a referral letter from GP, please contact doctors below;


Dr. Kay Chan / Central Health Medical Center

3rd Floor, Baskerville House

13 Duddell Street Central 

Hong Kong

TEL: +852-2824-0822


Dr. Anthony NG

208 Yu To Sang Building

37 Queen’s Road Central

Hong Kong
TEL: +852-2522-8238


Dr. Alan Ong / Bioscor International 

2301 Crawford House

70 Queen’s Road Central 

Hong Kong 

TEL +852-2810-9018

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