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(Left) A normal neck curvature, (Right) A patient with straight neck

What is straight neck / military neck?

'Straight neck' or 'military neck' is the condition whereby someone's neck is abnormally straight.

Natural curvature (as in the image on the left) consists of a smooth C-shaped arc. This curve helps support the weight of the head, while absorbing shock, enabling flexible motion and ensuring alignment of the head above the pelvis.

In contrast, someone with straight neck (as in the image on the right) has almost no curvature at all through the neck. In some cases, abnormal neck curvature is extreme enough to result in a reverse neck curvature. The condition can often lead to neck pain, stiffness, weakness, decreased range of motion, headaches or pain in the fingers or toes.

What causes straight neck / military neck?

  • Posture - When standing, sitting (and working) or even sleeping can lead to a gradual weakening of the muscles supporting the head and neck

  • Traumatic injury - High force impacts to the neck, such as during car accidents, slips and falls

  • Disease or infection - degenerative disc disease, latrogenic disorder or congenital disorders

How can a chiropractor help with straight neck / military neck?

Chiropractic treatment is a non-surgical means of relieving neck pain and restoring range of motion through spinal adjustment.

During an initial consultation, a chiropractor is able to determine if your condition is: a) minor and treatable, or b) more serious and requiring intensive, extended treatment or referral to a specialist. Alongside chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy sessions, we also help you supplement your recovery through specific prescribed physical exercises and nutritional advice.

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